Saskatchewan safety associations

Did you know that safety associations help all sizes of businesses in their funded rate codes? They focus on the needs of their industry by providing assistance and advice in numerous areas such as training, safety management systems, consultation, safety goals, identifying safety gaps in organizations, injury prevention strategies and much more. Working with a safety association to improve your organization and prevent injuries can lead to healthier and safer work environments, improved productivity and culture, preventing unnecessary injury costs and more. Safety associations may provide assistance to employers outside of their funded rate codes. Please contact the safety association for more information.

Visit their websites for more details.

Energy Safety Canada (formerly ENFORM), Saskatchewan Petroleum Industry Safety Association (D32, D41, D51, D52)
 Bob Ross, divisional director
#208 – 117  3rd Street NE
Weyburn SK S4H 0W3
Tel:  306.842.9822

Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan (HCSAS) (R11)

Al Goldstone, safety director
258 – 918 Albert Street
Regina, SK  S4R 2P7
Tel:  306.585.3060
Fax: 306.585.3063

Motor Safety Association (MSA) (C61, C62)

Marty Cobb, executive director
673 Henderson Drive
Regina, SK  S4N 6A8
Tel:  306.721.0688
Fax: 306.790.1098

Safety Association of Saskatchewan Manufacturers (SASM) (M41, M72, M91, M94)

Desira Rostad, executive director
201B 15 Great Plains Road
Emerald Park SK S4L 1C6
Telephone: 306.525.7276

Saskatchewan Association for Safe Workplaces in Health (SASWH) (G22)

Sandra Cripps, CEO
952 Albert Street
Regina, SK  S4R 2P7
Tel:  306.545.5595 ext. 229
Fax: 306.545.6574
Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) (B11, B12, B13)
Collin Pullar, president
498 Henderson Drive
Regina, SK  S4N 6E3
Tel:  306.525.0175 ext. 225
Fax: 306.525.1542
Service Hospitality (S21, S22, S23)
#100-2400 College Ave
Regina, SK S4P 1C8
Tel:  306.522.5499
Fax: 306.522.0486