Night Work


Working at night poses a serious safety risk for highway & construction workers. Those who work at night are at a higher risk for injury because of:

  • reduced visibility for motorists
  • reduced visibility for workers
  • lack of communication between shifts
  • increased number of impaired or drowsy drivers
  • sleep deprivation for workers

Always use special safety precautions when working at night. Most importantly, you must increase your visibility to passing motorists and know your surroundings.

  • wear high visibility clothing
  • wear flashing lights on your body and clothing
  • place high visibility tape on equipment
  • Use proper work area lighting
  • know the vehicle and equipment paths
  • know your assigned work area(s)
  • know the safe routes to and from work
  • on foot, watch out for equipment
  • on equipment, watch out for workers
  • always provide clear signage/traffic cones