Young Worker Readiness Certificate course

The minimum age of employment in Saskatchewan is 16. 14- or 15-year-olds can work but must complete the Young Worker Readiness Certificate course and obtain a certificate of completion before beginning a job. The certificate, along with written consent from a parent or guardian, must be provided to the employer and kept on file.

Are you a young worker?

Go to the Young Worker Readiness Certificate course on the Government of Saskatchewan’s website to download and read the three modules of the YWRCC guide and workbook.

Once you’ve reviewed the material, you can take the YWRCC test online. Once you pass the course, print your certificate of completion. You must provide a copy of your certificate to your employer and keep the original in your own files. If you lose your certificate, you must retake the test.

Are you an employer?

If you are an employer and hire a 14- or 15-year-old, you must have and keep on file:

  • proof of the young worker’s age
  • written parent or guardian consent allowing the youth to work
  • a copy of the young workers YWRCC