Joint Industry Committee (JIC) certification

Saskatchewan certification guidelines

The Joint Industry Committee (JIC) is a voluntary group of safety professionals from industry and labour who want to help more employers develop and implement effective safety management systems. WorkSafe Saskatchewan established the JIC in 2006.

The JIC has two key goals:

  • To uncover common ground in regard to safety issues.
  • To establish a framework of standards for safety programs, evaluations and certifications.

For some industries, the framework leads to certification programs. For others, it provides standards to help reduce injuries within the industry.

Please contact one of the committee members if you have questions about certification in Saskatchewan.

The JIC has developed a series of documents that promote effective safety management through certification.  Several organizations in Saskatchewan have adopted these guidelines and offer certification based on the work of the JIC.

The following documents make reference to previous legislation. For updated regulations, see the Occupation Health and Safety Regulations, 2020.

A Guide to the Framework of Standards for Health and Safety Programs

A Guide to the Framework of Standards for Health and Safety Audits

Framework of Standards for Certification and Quality Assurance

Document Management Record Control (under review)

Quality Assurance for Certifying Industry Partners