Rights & Responsibilities


Know Your Rights

While on the job, your basic rights include:

  1. The right to know the hazards and what to do to prevent injuries from those hazards.
  2. The right to participate in health and safety activities in your workplace.
  3. The right to refuse work that you believe to be unusually dangerous to yourself or others.

Know Your Responsibilities

If you are a young worker aged 14 or 15, you must successfully complete the online Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course and provide a copy of your certificate to your employer.

Whatever your age, your responsibilities while on the job include:

  1. The responsibility to work safely. Use the machinery and equipment in the way you were trained.
  2. The responsibility to report unsafe activities and conditions to your supervisor. Ask questions if you are unsure how to do something safely.
  3. The responsibility to properly use or wear protective equipment. Never remove a guard or device that’s there to protect you.

Remember to always wear safety gear. It’s the law!