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Workplace Inspection Training Course

Inspections are essential to making workplace health and safety systems effective. This $10 course will cover:

  • Understanding the purpose of workplace inspections and the regulatory requirements
  • Planning workplace inspections
  • Conducting workplace inspections
  • Using results to improve workplace health & safety
  • Reviewing and revising a workplace inspection system

The course takes two to four hours to complete.

This course is for anyone whose duties involve workplace inspections, including managers, supervisors, safety personnel, occupational health committees and occupational health and safety representatives.

Completing this training course AND the Workplace Incident Investigation Course is considered “training by an approved agency” for the purposes of section 46(4) of The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 1996. Completing both of these courses is equivalent to completing the 2-day Occupational Health Committee Level 2 training offered by WorkSafe.

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