Mental Health: Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

There is growing evidence of the global impact of mental illness. Cutting across age, gender, education and social strata without prejudice, mental disorders are among the most important contributors to the burden of disease and disability worldwide — and we will see further dramatic increases in mental illness if action is not taken.

A psychologically safe and healthy workplace promotes emotional well-being and presents minimal risk to employee mental health. By making changes to your workplace environment and offering support to employees, you can reduce the duration and severity of mental illness and enhance recovery.

This course examines best practices in developing a psychologically healthy workplace.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the impact mental illness has on Canadian workplaces.
  • Know how our experience at work affects our mental health.
  • Understand that the promotion of mental well-being at work benefits both employees and employers.
  • Understand why there is a national standard in Canada for psychological health and safety.
  • Know best practices that promote mental well-being at work.

Average time to complete this course is approximately one hour.

Mental Health: Psychologically Healthy Workplaces was developed by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) and is delivered in partnership with WorkSafe Saskatchewan.

Target audience

This course is recommended for employers, employees, managers and supervisors who are interested in mental health in the workplace.



Delivery method

This is an e-learning course. All you need is a computer, access to the internet and you are ready to go! This e-learning course lets you learn at your own pace, in your own environment and at your convenience.

Review process

CCOHS courses are unique in that they are developed by subject specialists and are reviewed by employers and representatives from labour and government. This ensures that their content and approach are unbiased and credible.

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