Certificate in Managing Psychological Health Issues at Work

Our online certificate in Managing Psychological Health Issues at Work begins with an introductory course on PH&S concepts. The focus then shifts to managing psychological health issues of individual employees with two additional courses. The courses provide in-depth learning on key principles and considerations for managers in supporting employees with psychological health issues, as well as enhancing managers’ emotional intelligence skills in managing emotionally distressed employees.


This course walks through:

  • PHS 0100- An Introduction to Psychological Health & Safety  (PH&S) in the Workplace

Certificate in Managing Psychological Health Issues at Work was developed by the University of Fredericton and is delivered in partnership with WorkSafe Saskatchewan.

Target Audience
This certificate is suitable for those in management roles supporting the individual employee experiencing emotional distress or mental health issues or disorders. As such, those working in management roles across industries and organizations will find this Certificate to be beneficial.


Delivery Method
This course is delivered as an on-line e-learning course. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet – and you are ready to go! This e-learning course is designed to help you learn at your own pace and in your own environment at your own convenience.