Construction Site Housekeeping

Construction Site Housekeeping 2013-12-13T15:01:46+00:00

There are many injuries associated with the various types of construction. While hazards are varied, many can be reduced or eliminated completely with proper site inspection and adequate housekeeping practices, including:

  • gather up and remove debris
  • plan for the disposal of scrap, waste and surplus materials
  • keep the work area and all equipment tidy
  • keep all work areas well lit
  • create waste material areas and provide containers for disposal
  • keep stairways, passageways, ladders, scaffold and gangways free of material, supplies and obstructions
  • secure loose or light material that is stored on roofs or on open floors
  • keep all materials at least 2m (5 ft.) from openings, roof edges, excavations or trenches
  • remove or flatten nails that are protruding from lumber
  • keep hoses, power cords, welding leads, etc. out of heavily travelled walkways or areas
  • ensure structural openings are covered/protected adequately (e.g. sumps, shafts, floor openings, etc.)
  • use danger or caution tape where open trenches or excavations could pose a hazard
  • make sure the ground is level wherever scaffolding or ladders are set up
  • do not permit debris to fall freely from any level of the project (use chutes or other approved devices to remove materials from upper work levels)
  • do not throw tools or other materials
  • do not raise or lower any tool or equipment by its own cable or supply hose