Storing Flammable & Explosive Materials

Storing Flammable & Explosive Materials 2013-12-13T14:49:49+00:00

How to store flammable/explosive materials properly:

  • store flammable or explosive materials such as gasoline, oil and cleaning agents apart from other materials
  • keep flammable and explosive materials in proper containers with contents clearly marked
  • dispose of greasy, oily rags and other flammable materials in approved containers
  • store full barrels in an upright position
  • keep gasoline and oil barrels on barrel racks
  • store empty barrels separately
  • post signs prohibiting smoking, open flames and other ignition sources in areas
  • where flammable and explosive materials are stored or used
  • store and chain all compressed gas cylinders in an upright position
  • mark all empty cylinders with the letters “mt,” and store them separately from full or partially full cylinders
  • ventilate all storage areas properly
  • ensure that all electric fixtures and switches are explosion-proof where flammable materials are stored
  • use grounding straps equipped with clamps on containers to prevent static electricity buildup
  • provide the appropriate fire extinguishers for the materials found on-site
  • keep fire extinguisher stations clear and accessible