Hypothermia isn’t just feeling cold. Hypothermia happens when the body’s temperature drops below 35o Celsius (95o Fahrenheit) because the body loses more heat than it can keep.

What causes hypothermia?

  • Exposure to cold, wet and wind chill
  • Not dressing warmly enough
  • Exertion in cold weather
  • Fatigue or dehydration
  • Pre-existing health conditions and medications such as diabetes, heart or circulation problems

What are the signs of hypothermia?

  • Shivering
  • Drowsiness
  • Slowed breathing
  • Loss of coordination
  • Impaired consciousness and confusion
  • Prolonged exposure can lead to heart attack, coma and even death

How can you avoid hypothermia?

  • Stay Warm
    Dress in wool and synthetic layers that help trap heat. Wear a hat. Avoid wearing cotton since it pulls sweat away from the body.
  • Stay Dry
    If you get wet, change into dry clothing. Bring extra clothing.
  • Stay Sheltered
    Avoid exposure to wind chill and extreme temperatures. Stay inside your car if it breaks down.
  • Stay Hydrated
    Drink plenty of fluids and eat regularly.
  • Stay Healthy
    Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine contribute to greater dehydration and increase the risk of heat loss and frostbite.