Firefighter Cancer

Firefighter Cancer Action Plan Pilot Program

The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board commissioned this pilot program with the Firefighter Cancer Consultants after seeing a significant increase in firefighter occupational cancer diagnoses and deaths. The purpose of the pilot program was to gain a better understanding of the current firefighter cancer preventative landscape throughout the province. There were 15 stations (including eight departments) that participated in this pilot program. The departments ranged from small rural volunteer departments, to large metropolitan career departments. The pilot program consisted of policy reviews, fire station inspections, and in-depth interviews with fire department members. The interviews gave insight to how the departments function regarding firefighter cancer issues on scene and at the firehouse. Each participating department has received an individualized action plan report. The reports give practical recommendations based upon the current practices, to ensure the departments implement the best practices known to reduce their members’ risk of being diagnosed with an occupational cancer. The complete findings and recommendations were shared amongst Saskatchewan fire chiefs at their April 2019 conference in Moose Jaw.