Eye Safety

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More than 2,000 eye injuries happen every year in Saskatchewan. Protecting your eyes from flying particles, chemicals or objects is an important way to avoid injuries. Make sure you have the proper safety glasses or goggles suitable for the job you are doing.

What do safety glasses look like?

Safety glasses have the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and producer’s logo on all parts. The lenses are made from a stronger plastic called polycarbonate. The lenses can be prescription or non-prescription. The frame will have top and side shields to stop flying objects.


It is important to make sure your glasses fit your face. Safety glasses should fit comfortably over your ears and the frame should fit close to your face and be supported by the bridge of your nose.

After work care

  • Clean all surfaces of your glasses every day.
  • Check for scratches. If lenses are scratched, replace them. Scratches can make the lenses weaker or change vision.
  • Put glasses in a case and store them in a safe place.
  • Have any broken parts or lenses fixed.

Learn how to select eye protection (PDF -110 KB).