Electric Shock Hazards


Many people who work in construction do not realize the high potential for electric shock injuries. Roadway construction often requires employees to work near sources of electricity, which can cause explosions, fire and electrocution, causing serious burns and death. Always use extreme caution when working around electricity. Best practices include:

  • getting the utility company to mark or flag electricity sources
  • if work near these areas is required, make sure the line is de-energized and visibly grounded
  • if the line must remain energized, keep equipment and load at least 10 feet away from the live line
  • when digging, contact the electrical and gas utilities to review areas to be excavated and have them mark any areas where digging isn’t allowed
  • if contact with a live line occurs, get the line de-energized immediately
  • if you are in a vehicle that contacts an electricity source, STAY in the vehicle and do not make contact with anything metal
  • if you MUST exit the vehicle (in case of fire), jump clear of the vehicle with your feet together and hop away quickly