WorkSafe educates workers, employers on workplace impairment

 WorkSafe educates workers, employers on workplace impairment Regina, SK – As part of ongoing efforts to help prepare workplaces for the legalization of cannabis, WorkSafe Saskatchewan has added some additional resources for employers to its website and launched an awareness campaign targeting Saskatchewan workers. WorkSafe, in partnership with Miller Thomson, MNP and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, has developed a video resource for employers to answer some of the questions surrounding the legalization of cannabis. This 30-minute moderated panel discussion, hosted by Kevin Mooney, Director of Prevention at the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), draws on the expertise of legal professionals from Miller Thomson and human resources professionals from MNP. It is part of a collection of tools and resources that WorkSafe is hosting on its website for employers and workers to access. “Many of our industry partners came to us with concerns about the potential impacts of cannabis in [...]

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WorkSafe Sask. announces 2018 Youth Video Contest winners

WorkSafe Sask. announces 2018 Youth Video Contest winners Voting for National Fan Favourite runs until May 3 Regina, SK –WorkSafe Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Youth Video Contest. Saskatchewan students in Grade 9 to 12 were invited to create a two-minute video with the theme, “Focus on Safety” to help students learn more about workplace safety. The 2018 Youth Video Contest winners are: First place: Focus on Safety by Hannah MacKenzie and Nathan Tremblay (teacher Tom Schwinghamer), Humboldt Collegiate Institute, Humboldt Second place: WorkSafe Saskatchewan Video Contest 2018 by Reagan Gerhardt and Tayler Carrierre (teacher Roddy Gall), Nutana Collegiate, Saskatoon Third place: Ladder Safety by Zachary Koroluk and Kaiden Godlien (teacher Michael Wolf), Miller Comprehensive High School, Regina This year, WorkSafe received 21 entries from 12 schools across the province. Entries were judged on their technical merit, adherence to safety regulations, creativity and overall [...]

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2018 Safe Worker and Safe Employer Awards presented

2018 Safe Worker and Safe Employer Awards presented Regina, SK: Today, WorkSafe Saskatchewan presented the 2018 Safe Worker and Safe Employer Awards in Regina as part of the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board’s Compensation Institute. 2018 Safe Worker Award WorkSafe Saskatchewan presents the Safe Worker award to a worker who goes beyond the expectations of their position to help create a safer workplace. The 2018 WorkSafe Saskatchewan Safe Worker award winner is Justin Ellis with Humboldt Electric, Saskatoon.  Justin came up with the innovative idea of Safety Opportunity Cards so employees contribute to health and safety on a regular basis. Employees use these cards to identify unsafe acts and recognize employees who were properly adhering to safety protocols. Any cards with negative observations do not include any names, while positive observations recognize individual and team efforts. In the card template, employees must identify immediate solutions, which stresses that it’s every individual’s responsibility [...]

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Canadian health and safety specialist to speak about creating mentally healthy workplaces at the WCB’s Compensation Institute

Canadian health & safety specialist to speak about creating mentally healthy workplaces at the WCB’s Compensation Institute Regina, SK – The Canadian Mental Health Association suggests one in five Canadians will personally experience a mental health problem or illness every year. The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is bringing Emma Nicolson, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), to speak at the WCB’s annual Compensation Institute, March 19-20. Emma is a national specialist who provides guidance to employers and employees on workplace health and safety. She will speak on workplace factors that can have a direct impact on worker well-being and a methodology to address psychosocial hazards. She will also focus on strategies around the conversations that need to take place when fostering a mentally healthy work environment. Compensation Institute is a free two-day educational event featuring a number of world-class guest [...]

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President of Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence to speak at the WCB’s Compensation Institute in Regina

President of Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence to speak at the WCB’s Compensation Institute in Regina Regina, SK – Workplace injuries caused by violence are increasing in Saskatchewan and the risk of violence is a concern to employers and workers in various industries. Employers and workers want to know what they can do to eliminate the risk of workplace violence and how to stay safe at work. In 2016, violence was the fifth highest cause of workplace injury in Saskatchewan. This is why the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is bringing Glenn French, President and CEO of the Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence, to speak at the WCB’s annual Compensation Institute, March 19-20. Glenn is a national and international authority on workplace violence prevention and in light of well-publicized workplace abuses in Canada, he can offer insight into the critical elements of a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program. This includes [...]

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Strategic Alliance Formed between Industries to Deliver Free Career Safety Education

For Immediate Release: March 1, 2018 Today, WorkSafe Saskatchewan is proud to announce the formation of a strategic alliance of organizations brought together by the Saskatchewan Safety Council that results in everyone in Saskatchewan between the ages of 14 and 21 having access to completely free career focused safety education! This is believed to be the first time in North America that this level of safety training has been made universally available to all young workers. Core Information: Saskatchewan will become the first jurisdiction in North America to offer universal career focused, industry specific safety training, completely free to all youth between the ages of 14 and 21. A strategic alliance of industries has come together with education partners to launch this initiative after a 5 year pilot involving more than 20 School Divisions and 6 First Nations. Through its safety training programs, Career Safety Education encourages the development of [...]

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Regina lawyer to speak about legalized marijuana and the workplace at the WCB’s Compensation Institute

 Regina, SK – In light of the legalization of marijuana in Canada, employers across Canada are working to get ahead of this legislative change that could impact their workplaces. Workers and employers want to know what they can and can’t do when it comes to legalization. Safety is of critical concern, which is why the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is bringing Regina lawyer Jana Linner with MLT Aikins LLP to speak at the WCB’s annual Compensation Institute, March 19-20. Jana is a leading authority on marijuana legalization and she will offer advice on what needs to happen in the workplace. Jana can speak to employer and worker responsibilities related to the workplace in Saskatchewan when marijuana is legalized under the Criminal Code in Canada, including impairment, testing and searches. The provinces will set per se levels related to impairment. Jana can also speak about legislation introducing legalized marijuana. Compensation [...]

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Workplace fatalities in 2017 trending slightly lower however workplace deaths in Sask. remain unacceptable

REGINA, SK – As 2017 comes to a close, the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) confirmed today that as of October 31, 22 lives have been lost in workplaces around the province. “Tragically, another 22 lives were lost this year in Saskatchewan workplaces,” said Phil Germain, Vice-President, Prevention and Employer Services. “But this is not about a number. These are fathers and mothers, sisters, brothers, parents and children whose lives have been cut short and the impact to families and their communities is forever life altering.” 2017 fatalities (as of Oct 31) in Saskatchewan: 4 Motor vehicle crash/aircraft (MVCs) 4 Traumatic 12 Occupational disease 2 Other In 2015, Saskatchewan had the 5th highest number of fatalities in the country. Despite increases in prevention and safety training as well as intervention and safety promotional campaigns throughout the province, the workplace fatality rate remains high. Leading causes of workplace fatalities: Motor vehicle crash (MVCs) & Occupational [...]

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WorkSafe Regional Workshop

Regina, SK - The sixth annual WorkSafe Saskatchewan Regional Workshop is taking place at the Days Inn in Swift Current today. The day will include information on: Organizational Performance Metrics (OPM) Ergonomics: Why do workers get injured? Changes to Marijuana Legislation: Impact on the Workplace The morning features a session on ergonomics and why workers get injured. The afternoon’s featured session is changes to Canadian marijuana legislation and what impact it may have on the workplace. “We are committed to our mission of zero injuries, zero suffering and zero fatalities.” says Shelly McFadden, Director of Prevention. “By bringing this one-day injury prevention workshop to smaller communities like Swift Current, we hope to reach as many people as possible to help us with our goal of Mission: Zero. We are excited to have a few of our past Safe Employer winners, GFL Environmental and Matrix Solutions share their safety journey with [...]

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WorkSafe and the SCSA hold Mission: Zero coffee breaks

Over the past few years, the OHS Division has been visiting residential construction sites around Saskatchewan. The officers are finding that only 60 per cent of workers are wearing hard hats and only 64 per cent are wearing fall arrest. WorkSafe Saskatchewan is concerned that this is causing workers to get hurt. So on Sept. 20 and Sept. 26, WorkSafe Saskatchewan partnered with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) to host Mission: Zero coffee breaks and safety demonstrations at residential construction sites in Regina and Saskatoon. To show the importance of safety glasses, a member of the SCSA performed an eye protection demonstration. The SCSA also did a fall protection demonstration. Construction workers, WCB staff and SCSA team members enjoyed the sunny break to share coffee and doughnuts while talking about safety. Watch our video to learn more.

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