Retail is one of the main injury industries in Saskatchewan. The top three injuries in retail occur to the hands, back and legs.

Retail hand injuries can be prevented by:

  • When using sharp objects, such as a knife, always cut away from your body
  • Make sure the knife is sharp to avoid struggling with cutting the object
  • Make sure the surface is flat when cutting

Retail back injuries can be prevented by:

  • Bending over at the knees to lift an object
  • Avoid awkward posture while lifting
  • Keep the load between your shoulders and knees
  • Make sure boxes or other objects being stacked are stable
  • Use of dollies, carts and machinery such as a forklift to lift heavy and large objects

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  • Sprains, strains and cuts
    Improper lifting and handling of heavy and bulky objects can lead to a variety of back, neck and shoulder strains and injuries. Poor lifting and handling procedures can also cause cuts, bruises, broken bones and hernias. It’s important that those working in retail are aware of the hazards and educated in prevention of lifting injuries.
  • Slips, trips and falls
    Many injuries occur in the retail industry due to slips, trips and falls on slippery floors or in cluttered walkways. In Canada, approximately 60,000 workers get injured each year due to falls. In most cases, slips and trips can be avoided with good housekeeping practices.