Managing reported COVID-19 cases for employers

If an employee has symptoms:

  • They should inform their direct supervisor, remove themselves from the workplace, use the self-assessment tool and follow advice given by public health such as call the Saskatchewan Health Line at 811, self-isolate, self-monitor, get tested and follow medical direction.
  • The self-assessment tool can be found at
  • If an employee is in medical distress, call 911 and have them attend the nearest medical facility.
  • The employee and supervisor should have regular communication.

If an employee tests positive:

  • The employee should inform their direct supervisor and keep in regular communication.
  • The direct supervisor should inform the appropriate business units such as human resources about the situation.
  • Public health is notified of all positive cases in Saskatchewan and will contact the individual who has tested positive to determine history and possible exposure.
  • Public health will determine places and persons that would have been exposed while the individual was contagious.
  • Public health will contact individuals in a prioritized order on who may be most at risk for exposure to the virus.
  • Individuals are given information and guidance on what they should do for their situation by public health.
  • If other employees are impacted, public health will direct any action required with consultation with the employer.

If an employer knows an employee has tested positive:

  • Advise there is a positive case in the workplace without disclosing information regarding the case.
  • Advise that employees may be contacted by public health if they have been named as a contact for exposure.
  • Let employees know the measures that are being taken to keep everyone in the organization safe.

If employees are concerned they may have been in contact with someone who was diagnosed with COIVD-19:

  • If an employee has been identified as a contact, public health will follow up with them and advise on actions to be taken.
  • If employees have further questions, they can visit the Government of Saskatchewan COVID-19 website.
  • Provide ongoing support to employees.
  • Let employees know the measures that are being taken to keep everyone in the organization safe.

For more information:

Government of Saskatchewan – COVID-19

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